Thursday, June 17, 2010

Catching up

I haven't updated this in a while as my hands have been so busy lately.  Here is a bit of the curtain story.

Mike and I had placed an order to replace our old windows.  We decided not to replace the blinds, but to sew curtains.  I was excited to start sewing as soon as school was over, the windows were custom made and  supposed to arrive in mid- June.  We measured windows and picked out fabrics, washed and ironed them so that they would be ready when the time came.  Then Champion called a month early and asked if they could install the next morning!  We stalled until Monday which gave me 2 days to iron, pin, hem and trim 5 curtains, purchase rods and hangers.  Saturday and Sunday I measured, sewed and examined curtains from 8 am to 8 pm.  Mike and Remi were  excellent assistants.  As you may know, Remi sits at my feet as I iron, pin, and sew.  He is as a loyal companion as a girl could ask for. 

My office has cowboys and broncos.   The living room is tre modern as is the bedroom.  I like the Jetson's style print.  It looks great with my dumpstered ikea lamp.  Mike's office is very butch with the dark bar, navy and grey print, and hard wood floors.  Also, it is next to the bbq, it often smells very smokey in there. 
All fabrics were purchased at craftyplanet.  We found that comparable rods and hangers could be found at target for 75% less than at Joanne Fabrics. 
I love the hangers that we purchased.  They are modern and complement the patterns we chose, also they are super quick to install and make it easy to wash when you put the lillies next tot he window and get orange pollen all over your new curtain.