Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anniversary Present

Mike and I went to San Francisco for spring break and stayed in Japantown.  We liked this cool Japanese bookstore with lots of cool stuff.  Mike trolled the window several times looking at this cool monster face computer bag.  I made a mental note and started sketching patterns on scraps of paper.  I finally got the nerve to try putting it together in time for our anniversary.

I made it out of a fine wale, brown corduroy, added a reinforced laptop pocket, and gave it a padded lining.  I sketched several different monster faces, anxious, angry, surprised, but in the end I liked how ambiguous this guy looked.

Smart Girl

That little Veda is such a smart girl.  She loves books, loves to count, and loves tell us everything she knows.  With that said, I was inspired to make her a felt counting book.  I began in April, finished in October, and am posting it now.  It was a labor of love.  Mike and I revised the page layout several times until we found a way to bind so many felt pages.  I reinforced the pages with plastic mesh sheets and bound the sets together with a blanket stitch.