Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Break Craft Project

I've been struggling with my embroidery floss getting tangled into everything, especially pins and needles. When free, it gets wound around other flosses and knots in amongst itself.   In addition, the little slips around the floss with the id number fall off and get lost, making it hard to buy the same color again.

I finally created a tool to contain the floss.  I bought plasticine clay and formed it into capital H shapes to wind the floss around.      I baked it in a low oven until it was firm and dry and let it cool. I wound the floss and labeled each one with its color id.  They fit in my case and haven't gotten tangled.  In total, I'd say it was 6 hours worth of work, but I hope I won't be stuck unraveling floss for hours again. 

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