Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday Presents

Man, this was a very busy holiday season.  I branched out into new areas and made new things.  I wish I had taken a photo, just one stinking photo of the felt food I made for Veda, but I didn't. 
I have several sweet knitters in my life. It is a skill I don't have and I don't know how they keep it tidy, but I tried to help them out.  I made knitting needle wrap to help them keep it classy. 
I would love to see how they look with needles in them.   I got the basics from this pattern and kept modifying from there until It turned into something durable and elegant.  It was a busy winter, but I think it all came out in the end. 

1 comment:

  1. I love mine and I'll be happy to send you a snap. Thank you Akasha!

    And surely ONE of us took a picture of the felt food while you were working on it Christmas day? I'll ask Sonja - she took all of ours...